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Black church in Kanata?

Are we a black church in Kanata? Are we an African church? Yes, the same way we are a European church, an Asian church, an Oceanian church, an American church, etc. The main pastor of Kanata Church was born in the Ivory Coast, West Africa to Ivorian parents; and his wife was born in Australia, Oceania to German and English parents.

The couple met in Germany where Rev. Dezi was studying; their children were born in Belgium and England. So as one can see, it will be difficult to categorize the church under only one continent or one skin complexion. It is rather a place called to welcome anyone, regardless of country of origin or skin color.

As Rev. Dezi says, “We were diverse in appearance, and now one race in Jesus”. All children and images of the same God, the one that Jesus of Nazareth came to preach about. This said we understand that we all do not face the same challenges: most often Africans have even to pray and fast for weeks before going for a visa to Europe. Whereby an Australian just has to apply online and wait a maximum of 2 hours for the confirmation of the passport. So, when people talk about African churches, we clearly understand that they are looking at churches where their battles and struggles are understood and not made ridiculed.

But let’s calm our brothers and sisters of African origin by saying that indeed the spiritual challenges are the same on every continent: the enemy has the same modus operandi everywhere he goes and this is lies, manipulation, control, destruction, etc. Jesus, God before the foundation of everything said that “the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy” without discrimination.

Some folks seem to be more or less aware of the spiritual battles going around in their physical lands. For example, Africans are more aware of the manifestations of succubus and incubus, what they call spiritual husbands and wives. The fact that others on other continents are not aware of those spirits or do not care about them, does not imply that the phenomena of succubus and incubus do not affect their lives.

It does not work that way. Aware or not, the enemy will come for you if you don’t have the Blood of Jesus as a fence of protection in your life. So if you are black or not and think that you need the help of Jesus in matters of deliverance from family spirits and curses, demonic soul-ties, spiritual husbands or wives, etc. come and join us in prayers, and according to your faith it will be done unto you as said in Matthew 9:29. God bless you! Shalom, You can also visit our page about Non-Denominal Church 


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