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What does the Christian church believe?

What religion is a Christian church?

What is a Christian church called?

Is the Church Catholic or Christian?

The Christian church is built upon the faith, of Christianity which is taught and preached at a Christian church. Christianity itself is belief in God, Jesus the son of God, and the holy spirit which is called the trinity when put together. A Christian church is a building where God is worshipped and praised. A pastor will teach all the people who attend the church service fundamental lessons about Christianity and how one can grow as a Christian. A church will allow anyone to come but will usually be attended by Christians. People of another faith or atheists attending a church will come to learn more about Christianity and will see if they want to become Christian themself.

At a Christian church, different types of services will be held such as baptism, communion, easter service, and Christmas service. Baptisms happen when someone is slowly descended into the water and is then lifted out of the water and becomes a new person through Jesus Christ. Baptism will usually happen at or near a church but can also happen elsewhere. Communion is where Christians will eat bread and drink wine (or any drink that looks red in color) which symbolizes Jesus’ body and blood. The reason Christians celebrate Easter and Christmas at a church is that on Christmas Jesus was born and on easter, Jesus Christ was resurrected.

Christian Churches will have a schedule for them and will usually start with some singing. At a Christian Church, people will sing songs to worship God and this has been done for thousands of years. There will be a pastor or someone else who will preach about God to the people at the church. Furthermore, the pastor may also get people ready for communion but this is not done at every Christian church.


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